Massage – What to Expect

Each treatment begins with some talking so I can find out about your health and about what you want from the session. The aim is to keep this brief so that you have the maximum massage time. Then I leave the room to let you undress and get comfortable on the table.

You choose what you keep on. It is also possible to work through clothes if you would prefer to stay fully clothed. I use sheets and towels to keep you covered during the treatment, apart from the area that is being worked on.

My training is in Swedish massage, and tuina – Chinese massage, which includes acupressure. I may start with some work through the drape you are covered with and then move onto oil work on the skin. During the treatment I will sometimes check in with you how the degree of pressure is in a certain area to enable me to adjust the treatment to suit you.

When the massage is finished I will leave you for a few minutes to give you time to get up and dressed. If it’s appropriate I may offer suggestions of things that would be of benefit that you could do at home.

I offer one hour, one and a half and two hour sessions of massage.