After several years of unsuccessfully trying to resolve chronic knee pain via more traditional medical routes I decided to give acupuncture a go, not with particularly high expectations I have to say.  Paloma was extremely thorough from the start, reviewing my medical history generally and the knee problem in particular.  She explained what would be involved with the treatment and didn’t set any unrealistic expectations.  After the first session there was a remarkable reduction in the pain I was experiencing and after 2 more treatments it has near enough gone. Whether this will be long lasting only time will tell but I am very impressed with Paloma and the results so far.
Kim A. Massey

I really enjoyed my pregnancy massage sessions with Paloma as it was something I really looked forward to. Being pregnant you don’t often get many treats and are often uncomfortable so it was so nice for an hour to do something really relaxing just for me. Plus it helped with my aches and pains. I also enjoyed how I spread out the sessions throughout the pregnancy as it helped make my journey so much more comfortable.

A long term issue with limited shoulder movement led to a frozen shoulder. My physiotherapist couldn’t treat me due to the acute pain I was in. She recommended a steroid injection. A friend recommended an alternative and I secured an appointment with Paloma; it was the best health advice I have ever received. I attended my first treatment with an open mind but am now unashamedly biased; Paloma has proved to be the most effective practitioner I have ever encountered. Having read about the long recovery times for frozen shoulder I was dreading the coming months and even years but now – six weeks on – I can jive again! My shoulder is even better than it was prior to the frozen state. I can’t praise her highly enough. And that’s not even the half of it.

Paloma is an excellent and experienced massage therapist. I went to Paloma for a series of massage sessions during my third trimester of pregnancy at Bristol City Yoga. She creates a very relaxing and warm atmosphere for massage and used a futon with cushions for pregnancy in my case which worked really well with my large bump! Paloma tailors the massage to your individual needs and for me, she focused each massage on different parts of my body depending on where I was experiencing aches and pains – such as upper back, lower back, sacrum, legs and feet. She is also an acupuncturist so was able to combine massage with acupressure at my request which worked really well. She was able to offer alternatives to oil for massage to accommodate my allergies which was great. I left each massage feeling very relaxed and much less tense in my body. I would fully recommend Paloma for pregnancy massage.

I went to see Paloma for chronic health problems that I had been working with for many years. Over the years I have been treated by many excellent acupuncturists and health practitioners from different parts of the world. From this perspective, I can say that I appreciated Paloma’s approach very much.

She is thoughtful and patient and her work helped me to recover from a time when my energy was quite weak and volatile. I always looked forward to my appointments with her. She gave me the time needed to understand and treat my condition and always with a good sense of humor. I would leave the sessions feeling much better than when I arrived! For me that is sign of a good practitioner. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a caring, intelligent and thoughtful acupuncturist.


I had four wonderful pregnancy / post natal massages with Paloma. She was very kind and knowledgeable and tailored the massages perfectly to my needs, including working around me breastfeeding my little girl whilst being massaged.

I was going through a severe burnout and the acupuncture treatments enabled me to reboot my energy from a very deep place. They shifted my state of health and my understanding about it and helped me to ground myself. There was also the sense of being accompanied in this process of recovery in a very gentle, kind and professional way on many levels including diet advice and some very useful advice based on the understanding of the role of each organ and their psychological resonance. All in all it was much more than “needles” and I would definitely recommend Paloma.

I saw Paloma for a number of treatments for pain in my knees and the treatment was very effective. The pain, which had been chronic and recurrent, has cleared and not returned. Very grateful!


I had acupuncture with Paloma because I was having a very tight back and also tightness in my chest from anxiety.  The moxa on the different points on my back had a huge healing effect and helped to release the muscles and reduce my feeling of stress. I felt that Paloma had the precision and technique to make the treatments extremely effective and have great confidence in her expertise and healing ability.